Patient Reviews

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“We have known Dr. Olson since he was in High School. It has been a pleasure to observe this young mans progress thru the years, developing into a highly qualified, profession physician. In addition, he is a really great guy.”
– William B.
Treated by: Soren L. Olson, M.D.

“Fantastic! From the very beginning, he described the process and procedure. So far, it's accurate. Then he explained the rehab and what to expect. So far, it's accurate. The nurses and staff that work with Dr. Lynch are also superb! They have made me feel comfortable and have given me so much confidence, especially since I was quite nervous before all of this.”
– Sammy R.

“Very friendly and great at being informative.”
– Janice B.
Treated by: Henry H. Lin, M.D.

“It is good to see a doctor who really cares about me and my recovery. My surgery went well and my recovery is doing much better than I expected it would. Following a full hip replacment, I used a walker for a week and a cane for about 10 days. By the end of the third week, I was wearing regular pants. By the end of the fourth week, I was able to put on my socks and shoes, albeit with a bit if difficulty. I couldn't be happier. Then, on the four week anniversary of my surgery, I was very pleased when Dr. Reichard called me to check to see how I was doing. The support staff members of NW Orthopedics were excellent to work with, from the practice coordinator/scheduler, who was able to work out a schedule to accomodate our travel schedule, to the nurses who answered my many telephonic questions about medications.”
– Brian H.

“Dr. Powers is a very social talented surgeon. He listened to my concerns, reviewed the MRI and was careful to make the diagnosis.”
– Robert H.

“I received a recommendation for Dr. Keeve from a co-worker and I am very happy with the overall experience with Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists. Nicole at the front office was extremely helpful throughout both of my surgeries responding quickly to requests from both myself and my insurance company. This ensured that I got my leave of absence taken care of quickly as well as putting me at ease. Dr. Keeve and his PA were both very professional and ensured to answer all my questions and explained the surgery. The surgery center they use was also very professional and great customer service. Thank you very much for everything.”
– Daniel G.

“MD Ellingsen took the time to sit down and talk to me about my surgery and options going forward. I think that he did a great job on repairing my knee.”
– Samuel S.

“Extremely happy with how they treated me and were open and honest with my situation.”
– Dan D.

“Very honest and professional, felt very comfortable”
– Francesco M.

“The assistant and Dr. Powers explained everything to me about what was going on with my back. They told me what I could do in way of movement and exercise. Both were friendly and they allowed me to decide when the appointment was over. I was not rushed at all. I had a very great experiende at my visit.”
– Ron C.