Patient Reviews

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"Called office to request follow-up, and I insisted that I see Dr Sestero, as I had worked with him previously and found him to be respectful, compentent, and kind. I followed up within the week, Dr Sestero evaluated my injury, determined it was far more complex than the ED physician had realized, and I was scheduled for ORIF within the week. Staff was professional and billing department was highly effective. Actually received electronic quote before I had even gotten home after initial visit! Very impressive! "Dr Sestero was very efficient and professional in the hospital and very engaged. Dr Sestero followed up with my wife after he concluded my case and provided an update. Dr Sestero again, came through, removed the dressing, realigned my fingernail, and gave me an efficient positive prognosis, and this visit was efficient and timely. I would choose Dr Sestero again." --Gram M. 

"I broke my collarbone in a off-road motorcycle accident. I was referred to Dr. Wallace by my primary care physician. Dr. Wallace took the time to repair my broken collar bone promptly. He also followed up with me after the surgury to ensure that I was healing properly. Today, less than one year after the incident, I rarely think about the injury. I have full mobility of the injured area—no pain—and I have no limitations in my activity. I had a wonderful downhill skiing season this past winter. Thanks, Dr. Wallace, for fixing me up!" --Craig K.

"My trigger thumb release by Dr. Lin is doing wonderfully! Most of the time my right knee after arthroscopy is and has been pain-free! Your doctors have not yet treated me for the Achilles tendinitis that I have in my left foot, but I am anxiously awaiting a consultation with one of your doctors to hopefully get this issue healed. Look forward to getting another appointment with your doctors!" --Carolyn S.
Treated by: Henry H. Lin, M.D.