Patient Reviews

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“Professional, kind, knowledgeable and a normal person! I appreciate his manner and interaction. I’d highly recommend him.”
– Donna Z.
Treated by: Michael H. Kody, M.D.

“I am from out of town. I live in Oregon but for several reasons, I chose to come up to Spokane for my hip replacement surgery. I Have already had one hip replacement so I sort of knew what to expect when it came to the surgery. I found Dr. Reichard to be totally engaged with me as a patient and thorough. I think the biggest difference with Dr Reichard compared to other doctors I’ve seen recently is that he gave me the ‘time’. I never felt rushed out of his office. All my questions and concerns were answered and he alleviated my fears. Not only did he come to see me in the hospital after the surgery, but he spent 15 minutes with me. The next morning prior to discharge, he also came to see me and spent a whole 1/2 hour with me. I still can’t get over that! No hospitalist, but the doctor himself. I am 8 weeks post surgery now and am doing great! So I can tell you his surgical abilities are awesome too. I can’t say enough about Dr Reichard. I don’t know if the people of Spokane know how lucky they are to have a surgeon like Dr. Reichard living amongst them. I had to travel 7 hours to Spokane to find him!”
– Gay H.

“Dr. Russ had great bedside manners and explained my rotator cuff problem and possible solutions clearly. I would recommend him highly for other potential patients with orthopedic issues.”
– John R.

“So nice!”
– Toni H.
Treated by: Henry H. Lin, M.D.

“Excellent professional team! Outstanding service before and after surgery!”
– Steve S.

“Fabulous service by Dr. Kody. He made me feel at ease, and went into the surgery feeling confident of a positive outcome. Highly recommend him. I’m 3 1/2 weeks post surgery and progressing nicely.”
– Nancy K.
Treated by: Michael H. Kody, M.D.

“Dr. Schuster and his PA were very sympathetic to my pain and injury. They helped me understand what was going to happen next and I appreciated them talking to me like a person not a number.”
– Gail B.
Treated by: John K. Shuster, M.D.

“He is very engaged - and he clearly cares. He also did a great job repairing my torn rotator cuff a while back, so I am now going to him about my knee problems.”
– Richard K.
Treated by: Michael H. Kody, M.D.

“Came in with a sore knee, he suggested a cortisone shot, problem solved”
– Margaret F.

“He preformed carpal tunnel surgery on both of my hands and the healing process is on going.”
– Dale B.
Treated by: Martin Janout, M.D.