Patient Reviews

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“Though I was scheduled for a lumbar injection after waiting over 5 week and 5 months since the onet of a painful sciatic condition, I did not have the procedure done. Why? Because Dr. Powers took the time to review my X-ray and MRI with me and did an examination prior to the scheduled procedure. He listened to me and my concerns of a procedure that may not be needed at this time. He explained in detail what I could expect immediately and in the long term and that I actually had two conditions (knee arthritis and sciatic issues). He outlined my choices gave some advice and basically validated my concerns relating to a procedure that might not give the the relief I needed 3 months ago. The issue is currently resolving itself with careful management and I chose to wait until I had no other choice than to have the injection. He was very professional and I was so relieved that someone was finally listening to me after so many months of waiting. He gave me a future protocol to follow and when the time comes I will seek his professional help. Thank you for employing such a professional, knowledgable, honest and caring to individual.”
– Sherry C.

“Dr. Powers was very informative, compassionate, and understanding of my back issues. I do appreciate his expertise and I felt very confident that he would take care of my back issues and make it very comfortable during the procedure. The staff was wonderful and the nurses were all great!! I will not hesitate going back in the future for any other health issues.”
– Pedro H.

“Seems like everything went as planned. Just waiting to lose the arm support and start rehab for the shoulder.”
– Vernon E.

“He explained everything to me. He took the time to make sure I knew what I could and could not do.”
– Alice I.

“My post surgery recovery has gone very well. My x-lift surgery took place in March. One week later I was backing walking 2-3 miles per day. In six months I’m back golfing, hiking, paddle boarding, aerobics and weight training with very minimal pain. Such a relief to regain my active lifestyle.”
– Dianne A.

“On time & didn’t even laugh at me for not coming in until fracture was pretty well set. Also appreciated that he said surgery to “fix” it “sometimes” worked. Very few surgeons so honest about results. Also liked Todd, the PA. If all of your providers are as impressive as those 2, you are doing well.”
– Marilynn S.
Treated by: Paul C. Horn, M.D.

– Richard S.
Treated by: Martin Janout, M.D.

“He was very respectful, thorough and pleasant. My situation was handled so promptly and I am doing so well thanks to Dr. McDonald and staff.”
– Christine K.

“I shattered by wrist and NW Ortho, got back to me very quickly and made things happen. I was assigned to Dr Horn and schedule for surgery the next day. Dr. Horn was very professional and a pleasure to meet. There was no hesitation about what had to be done. The Surgery went great and I have full use of my hand/wrist. No Physical Therapy was required. I also enjoyed to talking with his office admin. and all the employees were happy and friendly. Holy Family Hospital staff also were fabulous.”
– Judy H.
Treated by: Paul C. Horn, M.D.

“Dr. Lin is the best hand surgeon and that is why I come to your facility. He is always thorough and his explanations are always clear to understand.”
– Joyce C.
Treated by: Henry H. Lin, M.D.