Patient Reviews

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“Dr. Horn is an excellent Dr. / Surgeon. I was very happy with the treatment that I was given and the concern shown by Dr. Horn. When I had questions or concerns I was seen immediately and not made to feel bad about it. I was told that any time I had any more questions or concerns he would he was there for me... The hospital and Dr. made this experience as painless as can be. I will be seeing Dr. Horn for any future orthopedic needs that I may have. Thank you!”
– Kendra B.
Treated by: Paul C. Horn, M.D.

“I found Dr. Weigel to be a very easy doctor to talk with. Very caring and knowledgeable AND was able to reduce my chronic back pain.”
– Jay J.

“Dr. Shirzad and his staff are amazing! I loved how he treated me and his honesty. He did a difficult surgery on my foot that I am so thankful for! He took the time to think about me and my profession and def did not take the easier route on the surgery, and I am grateful to Dr. Shirzad for that! Recovery has been long but has gone really well. Thanks to him and his staff for everything!”
– Virginia L.
Treated by: Khalid Shirzad, M.D.

“Dr. Shuster is the real deal. He is honest, candid, and has a great sense of humor. I know his evaluation of my situation is without bias and when I made the decision to have spine surgery, it was/is with the information I need to know the decision is sound. Spine surgery is not a walk in the park. It hurts. It takes time to recover. Basically, it sucks. But I am confident that when I lie down on the operating table and drift off, I will wake up in better shape. So I go forward.”
– Richard A.
Treated by: John K. Shuster, M.D.

“Great people to deal with from the time you come in until the time you leave.”
– Tim D.

“I saw rD. Tohmeh's assistant and the visit went very well. We went over my neck x-rays and she said to come back when my neck gets worse. It's not quite bad enough yet to fix.”
– Sandra B.

“I have had a truly great experience at Northwest Orthopedic Specialist in Spokane. I am greeted in a friendly manner and everyone there is very professional. My appointments are on time so I have never had a wait. It has been a pleasant experience. I feel like I have had the best care by Dr. Vanderwilde and his staff.”
– Tricia A.

“He was on time and answered all my questions politely. It was a positive visit”
– Jill F.

“Knowledgeable, as well as compassionate. Extremely pleasant. Did not talk down to me and explained to the ability I could understand. Answered all my questions. NW Orthopedics was recommended to my by two retired RNs. I was not disappointed and will return if I need any orthopedic problem. My issue was a sprained MCL.”
– Suzanne O.

“Tod Flemming was great. He listened, provided good ideas and after 8 weeks of therapy, 90% of the pain was gone. He went out of his way to even make the shots worth their while.”
– Linda E.