Patient Reviews

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“I was seen by Dale Rascho and he checked to see if I was having significant joint problems. I had told him that my hands were much much better since a recent trigger release surgery by Dr. Henry Lin. I have minimal pain at this time and we will continue with my current medications.”
– Ann B.

“I saw Dr. Keeves assistant. I apologize I can't remember her. I've seen three times each time very friendly, thorough, professional like everyone at your offices. I have recommended your services to many people. Thank you very much.”
– James B.

“I am thankful for Dr. Cheng and her listening to me prior to my surgery. She made a huge difference in my post surgical care and it really helped me. Thank you, Dr. Cheng.”
– Mary G.
Treated by: Vera H. Cheng, M.D.

“I had a painful right shoulder that did not get better on its own. I saw Andrew, Dr Mc Donald's PA. He prescribed pyhsical theropy. The shoulder did not get better. Andrew ordered an MRI which showed that I had an old tear in one of the muscles in the rotator cuff which atrofied to an unrepairable state. Andrew gave me a cortizone shot in the shoulder and prescribed more physical theropy. The combination of the cortizone shot and the physical theropy exercises has made the shoulder essentially pain free for most motions. When I see Dr. McDonald at the end of the month I will want to know what to expect in the future and if he would recommend any repairs to the shoulder now or in the future. The treatment that I have received has been conservative and helpful. Good work, Andrew!”
– Leslie S.

“I have been a long time patient of Dr Vanderwilds, he's the best”
– Marilyn B.

“It was great and thank you!”
– Richard D.

“It was great. Dr. Shirzad and his staff were awesome. I've never experienced as significant an injury as a severed Achilles. I'll never forget what the Assistant Nurse Anesthesiologist told me when wheeling me in to surgery, "Do the PT, cause you don't want to come back here." I have done the work. I'm not a 100% and may never get there, but every week I get closer and currently feel like 80%. I suffered the injury umpiring Girls Softball a year ago the end of March and am on schedule to return to the diamond in about 6 weeks. I'm looking forward to that, as well as golf, hiking and just sitting in my backyard this Spring without a cast on. Thanks.”
– Scott B.
Treated by: Khalid Shirzad, M.D.

“Dr. Mark Olson and his staff are incredibly wonderful. From scheduling our appointment during thr holiday season, working around school schedules and getting us in quickly, working with us and the insurance company to get pre-authorization quickly, and then to finally seeing Dr. Mark Olson (who himself is just absolutely awesome), they made sure that my son and I were well taken care of, treated well, and quickly on the way to healing!!!”
– Lisa D.
Treated by: Mark C. Olson, M.D.

“Great experience. Dr. Shirzad was very thorough & complete. The surgery center staff were awesome!”
– Jill M.
Treated by: Khalid Shirzad, M.D.

“I was in a very traumatic motorcycle accident and Dr. Olson was the on-call trauma surgeon for SHMC. All follow up visits, the surgery he performed, and all of his staff are remarkable in of themselves. I would highly recommended NWOS to anyone that would be in need of orthopedic medical attention. Very pleased with the results and the kindness that all of these people provided to not only me, but to my family, as well.”
– Steven S.
Treated by: Soren L. Olson, M.D.