Patient Reviews

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“On 1-11-2017 I had an office visit with Todd Ostlie PA regarding my long term chronic problem with bone spurs in both of my heels. Current X-Rays were taken, followed by detailed discussion with Todd as we examined the X-Rays. I appreciate Todd's candor and expert advice regarding elective surgery to repair the bone spur in my left heel and the expected recovery afterwards. After considering my options, I called Julie the next day and scheduled surgery with Dr Padrta for March 28 with an office visit with him during the week prior to surgery. I have had two knee surgeries years ago at NWOS (Dr Kody), and both surgeries resulted in a great improvement. My experiences then with NWOS were both excellent, and this latest experience regarding my bone spurs was also excellent. I REALLY appreciate the kind, professional care that was provided to me by Todd Ostlie and the staff at NWOS! Thank you so much!”
– Michale S.

“Dr Weigel and his wonderful staff provided me with neck and back injections. I have received amazing relief from pain that plagued me on a daily basis. Dr Weigel and his staff were always so kind, courteous, compassionate and professional. I am so thankful and grateful for Northwest Orthopedic Specialist's!!”
– Jewel A.

“It was very easy and comforting to have this team take care of me before and after the surgery. Everyone is so nice and everything goes so smoothly.”
– Deborah C.
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“I appreciated the care and patience that Dr. Sestero provided. Never felt like he was in a hurry to get me out of his office which was really nice. Also felt that the suggestions he had for the healing of my particular injury was complementary to what my body would do to heal itself. This was very refreshing! Plus all the staff were exceptionally pleasant and helpful.”
– Jan S.

“We discussed my problem and the doc was very thorough with explaining all my options. He made sure I understood and then explained what I could do to help make things easier for me. I really appreciate a doctor that takes the time to not only understand but to explain things so well. Kudos for Anthony S O'Neel PA”
– Sue P.

“Was polite and knowledgeable.”
– Craig K.
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“Saw PA who was very thorough, professional and personable. He was not absorbed by computer as is now typical of visits to doctors' offices. The office staff and x-ray tech were pleasant and professional.”
– Mary R.
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“You guys are the rock stars of orthopaedic specialists. The service from the receptionists to the nurses, to the anesthesiologists, to the surgeons is top notch. I would recommend NOS to anyone. Too bad the rest of the health field is not run with the same efficiency and professionalism. However, I do have one complaint. It may be one that is out of your control to deal with, but I feel I should voice it. I had two knee surgeries, and both times I was in excruciating, and I mean excruciating pain for about a month each time. I realize that this may not be the norm with most people who have the same sugery. I have had several surgeries in my life and I never, ever used all my pain meds. After each knee surgery, I not only used all my meds, but I could have, and I should have had more prescribed. I know that their is an opioid abuse problem in the U.S. I realize that the FDA or the DEA or whomever has set new guidelines on the prescribing of opioids. However, I feel that in this day and age, I should not have to suffer excruciating pain as I did. Nobody would give me another prescription. I mentioned my pain both times in the post surgery follow up appointment to no avail. I spoke with my primary physician to no avail. I was referred to a pain clinic. The only appointment that I could get was a month out. A month out and I am in excruciating pain! I felt like I was being treated like an addict. By the time the appointment came around, I was no longer in pain, so I cancelled. Plus, I don't feel that I need to have to go to a doctor who doesn't know me to get pain meds. People are now being under treated for pain and physicians need to step up and do something about it. The knee jerk response to the opioid epidemic is not working. Chronic pain is not exclusive to cancer patients. Oh by the way, you guys seem to emphasize that it is important to keep moving although a person may be in a lot of pain. Not true in my case. I was an extremely active person prior to the surgery, and now I am basically totally sedentary, and I have a lot less pain. Movement lead to a heck of a lot more pain. I no longer work out due to the pain, and I feel better for.”
– Tom S.

“I saw Dr. Reichard's nurse and he was extremely informative and professional..”
– Ken L.

“My experience was exceptional. I started by seeing Tye and crying on his shoulder. I ended by seeing Kody and laughing on his! My surgery was not the end result I had expected but so glad these 2 were on my side to go thru it. Thanks so much.”
– Shaelyn A.
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