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At Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists' surgery center, The Orthopaedic Surgery Center, our anesthesiology services are provided and/or supervised by Dr. Vera H. Cheng, Dr. Joshua D. Dawley, and Dr. Jay B. Reynolds. In addition, Dr. Dawley and Dr. Reynolds provide Interventional Pain Management services.  

Anesthesia is the temporary blockage of pain, typically using drugs that are administered orally, via injection, via IV drip, or using gas. Anesthesia can be administered by an anesthesiologist (a medical doctor who specializes in anesthesia) or by a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). Anesthesia can be applied locally, where the patient is awake and only the injury site is numbed, or generally, where the patient is fully asleep and unaware of any pain. 

Anesthesia is administered for surgeries, but it is also used to block or limit pain immediately following surgery with the use of various types of nerve blocks. Nerve blocks are routinely provided for certain surgeries. The anesthesia group at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists performs over 1,400 nerve blocks each year.  

Longer lasting nerve block injections and other techniques such as destroying the nerves electronically are also used to treat certain chronic pain conditions such as degenerative back or hip pain by the Interventional Pain Management doctors.  

Please use the links provided to learn more about our three board-certified anesthesiologists.