Medical Records and Communications Coordinator


Location: Downtown Spokane Clinic

Job Description

The Medical Records and Communications Coordinator retrieves, scans, organizes, and distributes all medical records in the clinic in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements. Also, he/she Receives and routes all incoming and outgoing communications via phone, fax, mail, and electronic mail. This is a supplemental/on-call position.


1. Answers and routes all incoming phone lines not routed through phone tree.
2. Provides clinic information to both internal and external callers.
3. Completes medical record requests from patients, providers, attorneys, L&I, SSA.
4. Prepares invoices for outgoing medical records charges.
5. Releases medical information to persons or agencies according to regulations and guidelines via paper or electronic requests; compiling records onto CD or by paper.
6. Expedites medical record downloads and all office faxes
7. Responsible for reviewing unsorted EMR records and moving to appropriate folder
8. Reviews all incoming faxes and forwards as appropriate.
9. Receives and process payments for medical records.
10. Manages postal equipment.
11. All other duties as assigned


Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists offers competitive compensation, great health benefits, 401(k), profit sharing, continuing education and many other useful supplemental benefits.

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