Foot and Ankle

Accessory Navicular

Accessory Navicular Syndrome

Some people are born with two bones in their foot, the navicular and the accessory navicular (os navicular or os tibiale externum) on the instep of their foot.

Most people don't have the accessory navicular, and those that do may never know they have it. Sometimes, however, the accessory navicular causes pain, swelling or throbbing in the arch.

When pain develops, it is often accompanied by redness, swelling and a bump on the side of the foot. This condition is called accessory navicular syndrome and often coexists with fallen arches or flat feet. Pain results from the constant pull of the posterior tibial tendon. It can also develop from inflammation, injury, overuse or the accessory navicular rubbing against a shoe.

Learn About Accessory Navicular Treatment

“I was advised by my primary care physician to see a foot orthopaedic specialist, he suggested Dr. Padrta, instead of my previous orthopaedic surgeon for the ongoing problem I have had with my foot and I must admit that was the best advice. After looking at my X-rays, he turned to me and said, I know exactly what is wrong with your foot." He then proceeded to explain in detail what would be done and I scheduled my surgery as I left his office. The care I have experienced before and after surgery has been incredible, appointments were on time, nurses efficient and knowledgeable to my many questions, and mostly the result of no pain in my foot soon after surgery is a godsend.” — Blanche M.