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Morton's Neuromas

Excision of Mortons Neuromas

What are Morton's Neuromas?

Morton’s neuroma, sometimes called Morton's metatarsalgia or interdigital neuroma, is named for Dr. Dudley J. Morton who first described the condition in 1876. It is a thickening of one of the common plantar digital nerves that travels between the third and fourth toes (metatarsals) that can cause tingling, numbness or pain in the ball of the foot and can sometimes feel like you’re standing on a pebble in your shoe or a fold in your sock. Often the pain manifests or is more disturbing when weight is put on the foot and can progressively worsen over time. Morton's neuroma can be due to the pressure from running or wearing high heels.

Treatment of Morton’s Neuroma

Treatment can range from simply changing to more foot comfortable footwear, arch supports, foot pads, strength exercises, or corticosteroid injections to correcting the issue with surgery.

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Our fellowship-trained foot and ankle doctors at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists completed additional training, specifically in the foot and ankle, and are recognized leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of ankle injuries and conditions. With this advanced training, our foot and ankle doctors, Dr. Padrta and Dr. Shirzad, are recognized leaders in the industry and have the experience and expertise to assess, diagnose, and treat your ankle injury or condition individually to your needs.

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"I have suffered from a painful Morton's neuroma for 15 years. Eight weeks after my surgery I am jogging daily and enjoying living an active lifestyle again. This surgery was was absolutely life changing for me and I am so grateful! Thank you!" — Margot P.