Dr. Khalid Shirzad performs highly advanced ankle replacement

October 10, 2013

SPOKANE, Wash. (October 2013) – Khalid Shirzad, M.D., foot, ankle and sports medicine surgeon at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists, is the only surgeon in the region performing highly advanced total ankle replacement surgeries.

“As a new option for patients suffering from ankle arthritis, total ankle replacement provides several benefits over other surgical ankle treatment methods, including quicker recovery times, full mobility and range of motion following surgery and outpatient surgery capabilities,” Dr. Shirzad says.

During total ankle replacement, both sides of the ankle are removed and replaced with specially designed artificial prostheses, made of plastic, titanium, and cobalt chromium alloy. These prostheses allow the ankle joint to regain strength and mobility, while significantly reducing pain.

For 57-year-old Spokane resident John Jenkins, several sprained ankles sustained during athletics as a child and young adult resulted in severe ankle arthritis, causing extreme pain and instability within his ankle joint and preventing him from walking his typical 2-hour route with his golden retriever every day.

“I tried to continue walking, but my condition had worsened to the point that even the slightest uneven surface could cause an additional sprain,” Jenkins says. “Eventually, I couldn’t walk 1-2 blocks without experiencing extreme pain.”

An ankle fusion would have left Jenkins with limited ankle movement, but the successful ankle replacement, performed by Dr. Shirzad, has allowed him to continue his active lifestyle. He’s returned to walking an hour each day, golfing and playing with his young grandson.

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