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“In July of 2016, Dr. Shuster performed lower back surgery with several fusions and laminectomies. I am currently recovering and doing very well. I found his demeanor to be both professional and friendly. He explained everything to my husband and myself prior to surgery, without any pressure whatsoever to move forward if I felt there were any other options. In my post-op meeting, he showed us the x-rays of the work that was done and discussed a few unresolved issues yet to be addressed. I would definitely recommend Dr. Shuster as a talented and seasoned surgeon.” — Maxine K.

“One of my biggest fears was to have back surgery. So when I was referred to go see a back surgeon, I was very skeptical. I could no longer live with the pain I was living with. I decided to go to the appointment with the surgeon to see what my options were. I tried the steroid injections but it seemed to make my back worse. So I decided to go back to the surgeon. Dr. Shuster explained my options and between the two of us, we decided that surgery would be the best for me. I had a laminectomy with fusion of L-4 and L-5 on September 17th, 2013. I am three weeks out from my surgery and am very happy with my results. I noticed that the pain I had been living with was gone a few hours after I was out of surgery. The only pain I had been from the surgery. I was only taking my pain pills once or twice a day right after surgery and was off them completely by the second week. I am getting stronger and stronger every day. I am so glad that I had the surgery. Dr. Shuster is a very good doctor and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking at having back surgery! Thank you so much Dr. Shuster for everything and for making my life easier and pain free!” — Judith S.