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When athletes experience an injury, it's important to consult the right team of professionals to help athletes get back on the playing field. Here at Northwest Orthopaedics Specialists, our providers understand the situation and importance of being healthy to compete without losing any training. It's critical to go through the right treatment protocols, so an injury doesn't occur more than once, or even be the cause of more injuries.

There are many different factors that cause injuries. A major one is playing surface. Fields sports typically occur outside on dirt, grass, turf, or track. Different surfaces can be more demanding for our joints—especially if you are an athlete who plays multiple sports, jumping from surface to surface. This is why it's crucial to have the correct footwear and properly warm up with each sport.


Preparing for an entire season can be more physically demanding than the season itself. Being physically fit helps prevent injuries and keeps your bones strong. With football being a very aggressive sport, athletes need to go through a dynamic warm up (movement such as plyometrics) and static warm up (including basic stretching) to get their muscles loose, especially in the fall when the outside temperatures begin to decrease. Doing those same movements after a game or practice is just as critical as the pre-game or pre-training warm up.  

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Soccer is another physically demanding sport typically played in the fall and spring seasons. This is also another sport that requires cutting, jumping, change in direction and a lot of planting to kick the ball. Ground surface varies between grass and turf and each surface has its own advantages and disadvantages. Exercises that involve balance, plyometrics and agility will help strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee, help stabilize the knee making the ACL and other ligaments less likely to tear.

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Baseball, unlike soccer and football, is usually played on a dirt in-field and grass out-field. The most common injuries in baseball and softball occur when sliding into one of the bases. Proper sliding form is critical to avoid ingury—especially if the athlete is sliding in head-first so they don't get a joint locked up when they hit the base. Consistent throwing also can be hard on your shoulder and elbow. It's vital to keep your throwing arm warm at all times. 

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Track and Field

In track and field, there are multiple injuries that can occur. Overuse of your muscles can lead to shin splints and pulled hamstrings and quads. Ensure you get plenty of rest and spend a quality amount of time warming up before practices and meets.  

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“I tore my ACL playing soccer last winter. Until then I was playing 3 times a week and loved getting together with friends and staying fit. Although I knew life could go on at age 40 without getting my knee repaired, it would mean no more skiing, kicking the ball around with the kids without worrying it would give out, worrying about someday falling down stairs. Dr. Kody was so understanding and personable, and he listened to my concerns and guided me through the whole process. Although he has done these types of procedures thousands of times, I didn't feel like just another patient...he took all of my unique and particular issues/concerns into account. Last week, 6 months post-op, I played my first indoor game and felt great (well, my knee felt muscles reminded me it had been 6 months!) Thank you and the entire Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists team so much for your kind service!” — Brenda T.

"I am a very active 49-year-old female. I first dislocated and broke both bones in my right ankle sliding into third base. This was my first experience with that type of injury. It was catastrophic to me as I was a softball coach and had to finish the season on crutches because of my stupidity. My second injury was even more unfortunate, I ruined my knee by jumping a fence in my cowboy boots running after some horses. This was right before going to New Zealand to visit my daughter. I was put in a brace and said, See you soon," to Dr. Kody, who repaired my ACL. My daughter has also had both knees repaired from unfortunate sporting incidents and has received great care from Dr. Perry and then Dr. Kody. Dr. Kody met my daughter at a time of desperate need. She came directly from basic training for the Air Force and needed a full knee fix." I am so thankful for his patience and helpfulness. He made her feel like she actually mattered and wasn't just another number! This young lady finished her whole final test of a run and all physical tests on a fully blown" knee because she did not want to do it again. What a tough woman! Dr. Kody seemed to realize this and helped her finish her business, and I am pleased with both of our outcomes. Women have had a huge increase in activity-related injuries, and I feel that Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists has kept up with the trend. Dr. Kody seemed to actually like us, and of course we liked him too. I must say that I am impressed when visiting the Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists offices. Dr. Kody worked with me and sent me off to Australia and New Zealand with a big brace and his blessing and, upon return, hit surgery. I will be forever grateful that he let that trip happen and worked with me so that it would." — Katy F.