Certified Medical Assistant


Location: North Spokane Clinic

Job Description

The CMA assists in the care of patients during the office visits.


  • Rooms patients, takes vital signs, enters medications, updates each medication, removes old medications, checks for allergy, and ensures that the allergy listed is accurate and has the reaction listed next to it, completes pharmacy updates or checks for accuracy.
  • Inputs new patient medical histories with careful attention to detail, discusses with the patients and asks questions for anything that is not clear.
  • Creates clinical assessments for return patients. Addresses blood pressures out of range with the patient, instructs patients to return to their primary provider. Creates new medical histories for any changes to surgical or medical diagnosis.
  • Completes a medical history and updates surgical information accurately on all post-operative patients.
  • Assists all providers with casting procedures and/or splints, provides cast education to each patient
  • Opens and preps exam rooms, stocks as indicated. Cleans exam rooms and autoclave instruments between patients.


Required Skills and Experience

Certification and BLS required.

Qualified candidates must have knowledge of current health care assistant practices, medical terminology, and patient safety. Also must have experience in EMR record keeping. Experience in orthopedics preferred.



Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists offers competitive compensation, great health benefits, 401(k), profit sharing, continuing education and many other useful supplemental benefits.

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