Spokane DM


If you would like to contact Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists, please call one of the telephone numbers below and a representative from our office will be happy to assist you.

If you would like to make an appointment, please request an appointment online.

Downtown Spokane Clinic

Phone: 509-344-2663 | Fax: 509-624-9179

The Orthopaedic Surgery Center

Phone: 509-344-8672 


Phone: 509-344-2663

North Spokane Clinic

Phone: 509-465-1300 | Fax: 509-465-1313

Spokane Valley Clinic

Phone: 509-928-4334 | Fax: 509-928-7893


NW Orthopaedic Express Locations

Spokane Valley Orthopaedic Express

Phone: 509-343-3854 | Fax: 509-928-7893

South Hill Orthopaedic Express

Phone: 509-252-2354 | Fax: 509-252-2357

North Division Orthopaedic Express

Phone: 509-343-3854 | Fax: 509-928-7893


NWOS Physical Therapy Locations

South Hill Physical Therapy

Phone: 509-252-2354 | Fax: 509-252-2357

North Division Physical Therapy

Phone: 509-343-3854 | Fax: 509-928-7893