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Fracture of the Talus

What is a Fracture of the Talus?

This condition occurs when the talus, a bone that connects the foot and ankle, develops a fracture from a severe impact or fall. The talus is an important bone of the foot and allows the foot to adjust to walking on uneven ground and in weight transfer across the ankle joint.

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Our fellowship-trained foot and ankle doctors at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists completed additional training, specifically in the foot and ankle, and are recognized leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of ankle injuries and conditions. With this advanced training, our foot and ankle doctors, Dr. Padrta and Dr. Shirzad, are recognized leaders in the industry and have the experience and expertise to assess, diagnose, and treat your ankle injury or condition individually to your needs.

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"While snow skiing in March of 2004, I shattered my talus. The initial repair surgery with Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists was successful, but I was unable to work or enjoy recreational sports and activities to the same degree as before my injury. After consultation with Dr. Padrta, I realized that the pain had finally become unbearable and decided to have a subtalar fusion. I am now about two weeks post-op and doing well so far, but I am looking forward to a substantial reduction in pain. All of the Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists staff were professional and kind during all of my experiences with my foot. I am thankful for all of their skills and am hopeful for significant pain reduction and a return to an active lifestyle. My thanks and appreciation to the entire staff at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists." — James C.